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Change is Coming...Read all about it

posted Aug 20, 2015, 7:16 AM by Pack 33

Hello Den Leaders, Parents and Scouters, 

If you are a returning Scout you may notice some changes this year to the Cub Scout Program. Yes, there are new books, but there are also other changes that have happened.  We have highlighted some of the changes you will see this year. Changes took effect as of June 1st, 2015! Not to worry though, our leaders are on top of it! This is just to be used as information for you. As always our Pack still meets from September - May.

The new books are available the Scout Shop. The books are also available in Kindle format.  We do suggest, especially for your scout that you purchase the actual book.

What IS Changing
  • No more Cub Scout-specific Promise - Starting in June, current and new Scouts will need to learn the Scout Oath.
  • No more Cub Scout Law of the Pack - Instead, current and new Scouts will need to learn the Scout Law.
    • New Scouts working on their Bobcat rank will need to learn & say the Scout Oath and the Scout Law with help if needed.
  • No more Cub Scout-specific Core Values - Current and new Scouts will learn the 12 points of the Scout Law, which highlight the core values of Scouting for all levels. Pack and Den meetings will be focusing on a key point each month to teach the boys the meanings of these important concepts. (Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean & Reverent).
  • No more different program formats for Tigers, Wolves, Bears & Webelos - Instead ALL Ranks will do (7) Adventures to earn their rank. Tiger, Wolf & Bear ranks will do (6) required Adventures and (1) elective Adventure (aka "Scout's Choice"). One of the required Adventures will be "Duty to God", which is expected to be done at home with the Scout's family. The other five required Adventures will be done in the Dens. Each Adventure is expected to take at least 3 den meetings to complete, with one of those meetings being an outing
  • No more current Belt Loop & Pin Academic & Sports Program - Scouts will now earn Belt Loops as instant recognition when they complete each of their Adventures.  They can also earn additional Belt Loops by completing additional elective Adventures.
  • No more Totems / Beads and Arrow Points - Instead, Cub Scouts will earn belt loops for all Adventures and electives completed. There are (14) Adventures for the Scout to choose from and complete. Required Adventure belt loops are in full color while elective Adventure belt loops are monochromatic.

  • First year Webelos will need to complete (5) required Adventures and (2) elective Adventures, while 2nd year Webelos or Arrow of Light Webelos will need to complete (4) required Adventures and (3) electives Adventures. 
  • No more "Compass Points".
  • Arrow of Light is considered a "Rank" rather than a separate award.
  • The Webelos "rank / badge" is no longer required for 5th grade / 2nd year Webelos. Boys who join in the 5th grade can complete just the Arrow of Light requirements.
    • There are 27 Webelos pins shared between Webelos rank and Arrow of Light.
    • Webelos-required Adventure pins will be in the shape of a diamond. 
    • Arrow of Light-required Adventure pins will be in the shape of an Arrow Head.
    • Both Webelos and Arrow of Light electives will be in the shape of an oval.

Youth Transition
  • All current & incoming Tigers through current Bears will start the new program on June 1, 2015.
  • All current Webelos 1's who will be 2nd year Webelos after June 1st, 2015 will continue on the same path with their current book.
  • Incoming 2nd year Webelos after June 1st will start the new Arrow of Light-required Adventures in the new Webelos handbook.

What is NOT Changing:
  • Bobcat will still be the FIRST rank all new Cub Scouts need to earn no matter what age / grade they join.
  • The Cub Scout Sign, Salute, Handshake and Motto remain the same for Tigers to Bears.
  • Webelos will learn the Scout Sign, Salute, Handshake, Motto, Outdoor Code & Slogan.
  • Webelos will still earn the earn the "Webelos Colors" and Webelos Pins.
  • Arrow of Light is still designed to prepare Cub Scouts / Webelos Scouts to transition into Boy Scouts.